Contract Vehicles

PARATUSEC contracts make it easier for current and prospective government clients to use PARATUSECs information technology and knowledge based professional services.  Federal agencies, state and local governments have at their disposal an easy process for procuring a selection of services that we offer.


Using our Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC), General Service Administration Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), and Agency specific Contract Vehicle(s) organizations have quicker access to a range of services.

Agency Contract Vehicles:

Sea-Port Next Generation

PARATUSEC offers capabilities and experience in developing and implementing practical solutions in both engineering and program management support services.

FAA E-Fast

PARATUSEC offers functional expertise in developing and implementing pragmatic solutions covering a range of information technology, business management and administration support, and documentation & training services.

Consolidated GSA Multiple Awards Schedule

PARATUSEC offers capabilities and experience in developing and implementing flexible solutions using a mix of professional and information technology services across four GSA SINs: Information Technology Services, Management & Business Services, Financial Services, and Technical Services.


PARATUSEC offers a mix of IT services and solutions using a Best-in-Class 8(a) GWAC small business set-aside contract that provides flexible access to customized IT solutions and ancillary support necessary and integral to the IT services.

Product Service Codes:​

R704 Support- Management: Auditing
R408 Support- Professional: Program Management & Support
R499Support- Professional: Other
R706Support- Management: Logistics Support
R699Support- Administrative: Other
R706Support- Management: Logistics Support
R710 Support- Management: Financial
R799 Support- Management: Other
R406 Support- Professional: Policy Review & Development
DA01 IT And Telecom - Business Application & Application Development Support Services (Labor)
DB02IT And Telecom - Compute Support Services, Non-Hpc (Labor)
DC01IT And Telecom - Data Center Support Services (Labor)
DD01IT and Telecom - Service Delivery Support Services: ITSM, Operations Center, IT Program/Project Management (Labor
DE10IT And Telecom - End User As A Service: Conferencing, Av, Helpdesk, Deskside Support, Workspace, Printers, Collaboration and Productivity Tools
DF01IT And Telecom - IT Management Support Services (Labor)
DG01IT and Telecom - Network Support Services (Labor)
DJ01IT and Telecom - Security and Compliance Support Services (Labor)
L069Technical Representative- Training Aids and Devices
7A20IT and Telecom - Application Development Software (Perpetual License Software)
7A21IT and Telecom - Business Application Software (Perpetual License Software)
U012 Education & Training- Information Technology & Telecommunications Training
U003 Education & Training- Reserve Training (Military)
B541 Special Studies & Analysis- Defense
B551 Special Studies & Analysis- Mobilization & Preparedness
B599 Special Studies & Analysis- Other