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Mission and Training Systems Support

PARATUSEC’s global mission support services include providing, managing, and leading a highly qualified and certified team with the right labor mix of experience, education, skills, and abilities to achieve the solutions you demand and take on an assignment or augment your team.

Mission and Training System Support Services Include:

 Staff Augmentation and Subject Matter Expertise Support

Live, Virtual, Constructive, Training Systems Support

Joint Capabilities Integration Development System 

Mission Command Network and Training Asset Infrastructure

Sustainment Support of Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS)

Rapid Equipment Fielding

Staff Augmentation and Subject Matter Expertise: PARATUSEC staff augmentation support provides access to needed resources in a framework that can scale up or down, enabling the management of needs according to project timelines. We deliver the expertise you need to achieve your business goals without the time and cost associated with internal upskilling. We provide the right people to support your mission performance objectives and achieve better economies of scale.  


Live, Virtual, and Constructive Training Systems: PARATUSEC provides you Live, Virtual, Constructive Integrated Training System Support and the necessary expertise to design, integrate, operate, sustain, and maintain applicable model and simulation systems, IT networks and computing systems. We help enable the live, virtual, constructive training audiences to see the common operating picture and communicate using organizational IT command and control equipment. 


Joint Capabilities Integration Development System: PARATUSEC provides the capability to produce Joint Integrating Concepts through development of capabilities-based assessments, functional area analysis, functional needs analysis, and functional solutions analysis. 


Mission Command Network and Training Asset Infrastructure: PARATUSEC provides you support with operating new or upgraded communications infrastructure, Information Technology (IT), and supporting hardware, network infrastructure to meet mission command training center training objectives. 


Sustainment Support of Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS): PARATUSEC provides the operations, sustainment, and maintenance support of specialized equipment used for training purposes to improve human performance and maximize available training days.


Rapid Equipment Fielding: PARATUSEC provides support to help streamline the process for rapidly distributing equipment to organization to ensure they have the best and most advanced equipment and technologies to improve mission effectiveness. We work close with organization teams to ensure effective planning, coordination, fielding, and training of rapidly distributed equipment at home or abroad