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What We Offer

We have found that people are interested in working for PARATUSEC because they want to have an immediate impact and make a difference. They also see a better chance to advance their career with an emerging and growing company. 


We can offer these opportunities simply because of our organizational design, culture, and philosophy of doing business.

We have opportunities for full-time, part-time, part-time on-call, and intern employment.

If you are interested in playing a vital role in tackling complex issues, helping organizations accomplish important things and adapt for the future, and helping us grow our business, then apply for our open and future positions.

Who Are We Looking to Hire?

We are looking for people with the requisite experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitude. We clearly recognize as to where and how work is changing; therefore, we must hire people who can adapt and successfully navigate within this new normal. Whether working entirely remotely, hybrid, or in some other framework, we need people who can thrive in varied work settings. Our experience during the pandemic taught us that we need independent, collaborative, self-motivated, organized, and digitally savvy people.

Working at PARATUSEC

Whether you recently graduated from college looking to spur your career, are seeking an internship, are honorably discharged from the military, or are a seasoned professional looking for a change, you can help us do work that makes a difference. 


One of our core beliefs is that our people move our company forward and determine what our company is destined to become. Therefore, we want people to join us who are passionate about what we do and who we serve and deliver exceptional results.

Internship and Student Opportunities

Apply your education, talent, skills, and drive and kick start your career before you graduate and build expertise and work experiences to prepare you for well beyond graduation.

Discover your passions to prepare you upon graduation

We’ll provide you experiences to explore your passions, discover what you may not know about yourself, and build a solid foundation to help you upon graduation.

Explore internship opportunities

Seek out internship opportunities at PARATUSEC by creating a profile and submitting an application below.

Internship Program Areas include:

Students interested in Digital Transformation should learn about our digital transformation skills program below. 

Digital Transformation Skills Program (DTSP) Learn More

Digital Warrior Program

Provides opportunities and builds technical skills in emerging technology areas, leveraging new and emerging digital technologies software, and using those skills and tool to improve business outcomes.

Types of Work:

Create and deliver digital technology solutions for critical needs.

Develop proof of concepts for use of varied emerging digital technologies, such as intelligent automation tools, robotic process automation, and machine learning and/or artificial intelligence.

Apply basic programming skills to design and build unique applications to drive and accelerate business impact.

Work on discovering vulnerabilities within varied digital technology solutions and help safeguard IT systems to protect information, applications, and networks.

Basic Requirements:

Pursuit of Associates or bachelor’s in any major

Experience with programming languages (Python, Java, C++), and a solid foundation in linear regression, statistics, math is a strong plus to success.

Exposure to opportunities with the application development, metaverse, game development, simulations related projects using software tools and applications such Unity, and Roblox.

Must have a strong interest in learning and exploring new emerging technologies and business applications.

Ability to demonstrate strong work ethic, solid technical aptitude, excellent communication skills, leadership, attention to detail and experience working on a team.

Business Skills Development Program

Provides opportunities to work across varied aspects the business, while building business administration, consulting, and analytical skills. Explore the use of varied software, database, and intelligence gathering tools. 

Types of Work:

Provide business and management analyst support to support business operations, processes, procedures, and policies.

Develop management and short- and long-term business strategies

Improve knowledge through researching patterns and outcomes from data

Use data, analytics and automation to help in transforming business in varied functional and technical processes.

Work with leadership to analyze operations and ways to improve it.

Collaborate with teammates to improve outcomes of projects.

Basic Requirements:

Pursuit of Associates or bachelor’s degree in any major

Familiarity with business processes, organizational strategies, project management and an interest in the use of technology to produce better business outcomes.

Adaptability, confidence, excellent follow through, good communication skills both orally and in writing. Ability to present complex data graphically, written format, and in formal presentation.

Start your entry-level career

If you’ve recently graduated from community college, a four-year college or technical institute and want to work with new and emerging technologies or apply best business practices on varied projects and program assignments then you should apply. 


You will learn to apply your education, use a broad array of skills, and receive on-the-job experiences to sharpen your abilities and develop professionally. 


Join us and get the experiences to explore your passions, discover what you may not know about yourself, and build a solid foundation to help you along your career journey.

Transitioning Military

Since our founding, PARATUSEC has employed transitioning military personnel as a significant workforce element. Some of our work requires us to work side-by-side with members of the U.S. Armed Forces at military activities across the globe. Therefore, we are a natural fit for veterans who want to continue serving but in a different capacity. 


We strongly believe veterans add value to our capabilities and to our clients. 

Military Veteran Students

If you are pursuing an undergraduate degree full time, we want to learn more about your aspirations, and provide you information about the type of paid internships and future career opportunities that may be available with us.

Veterans and Military Spouses

Are you a veteran or military spouse looking for meaningful work?


We seek to hire from all branches of military service, including military spouses. The skills honed over years of military service are mission essential to our clients and our business. 


We understand military spouses possess untapped talent, and many having been impacted in their career aspirations while supporting their spouse. We seek to change this where we can. 


Technology Trainee Program

If you are a high school graduate, early career veteran, or college student with a STEM background interested in pursuing a role in working with transformational technologies you should apply to our technology paid internship program. A degree or certification completion is not required to apply.  


We are seeking people who reside in historically underutilized business zones that may also be in underserved communities. 


Experienced Professionals

Bring your passion, professional experiences, and expertise and help us sustain and transform organizations with some of the most demanding missions on the planet. We seek to hire experienced professionals from various backgrounds, disciplines, and domains to help enrich our customer’s experience. 


Join us and help us solve the complex missions and needs of our customers and be a part of making a difference. 



Alumni Network

PARATUSEC Alumni who helped us over the years, we want you back! Seek out a new role or perhaps come back to the one you had before.  Opportunities and challenges to stay involved are constantly evolving from part time, part time on call, and full-time roles.