About Us

About Us

We help organizations design, develop, integrate, sustain, and improve programs, technology, and specialized equipment.

We are determined to be easy to do business with, fast to deliver, affordable, accurate in delivery, and compliant in our approach and execution at every touchpoint.

Our capabilities across our service lines include Mission and Training Systems Support, Management Advisory Services, Information Technology Professional Services, and Digital Transformation.

Our services are designed to match the evolution and transformation of your organizations. We change with you to help you better support the nation's interests, protect the homeland, and serve the public domain.

Our Flexible Delivery System allows us to work with you from start to finish with simplicity, speed, lowered overall cost, accuracy, and compliance.

Our Mission

Providing smart application of technology, people and process to better design, develop, integrate, sustain, and improve programs, technology, and complex IT.

Our Vision

Expertly providing knowledge-based and IT professional services while simultaneously building lifetime valued relationships with clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Imperatives to our Vision:


We understand and believe that to be successful in what we do, we must be honest in our dealings, operate with integrity, stay consistently dependable and trustworthy, and genuinely care for our employees, stakeholders, and the ultimate success of those we serve.


We value our professional, skilled, and talented employees and partners who are enthusiastic about their work and those they serve, and who seek greater fulfillment through the betterment of others rather than themselves. 

What's in our name PARATUSEC?

Many times we are asked how to pronounce or explain the significance of our company name. Well let us briefly explain. Our company name is derived from the Latin word PARATUS. It means ‘prepared, ready, equipped, (of persons) skilled.

We took the liberty of adding the " EC " to the end of "PARATUS" which we derived from the word security. With our origin focused on National and Homeland Security, we have delivered expert knowledge and solutions for our customer's most complex missions and challenges. Our success has come through employing a diverse mix of prepared, ready, equipped, skilled people, combined with the use of proven processes, toolsets, and technologies.

Why Choose Us?

Our History

In February 2007, PARATUSEC was founded by a service-disabled veteran one month following retirement from 20 years of active-duty service in the U.S Army. The founder bootstrapped the company by cashing in accrued military leave and providing a bank a couple of cars and the family home mortgage as collateral for a small loan. Since its founding, the company has stayed true to its purpose, expanded its services offering, and has provided outstanding services in support of client missions across the globe. 

Our People

We hire people with various disciplines combined with specialized training, certifications, and degrees. They are recent graduates, early entry professionals, military veterans, experienced professionals, and those looking to reenter the workforce. 


Given the complex nature and needs of the customers we serve, we understand we cannot go it alone. Therefore, we actively team with other firms in our industry, enabling us to combine their talented people with ours to deliver better solutions.

“Our people come from all over with a broad set of diversity, educational, professional, and technical know-how united by a mutually supportive objective and commitment to help our customers solve their most complex problems and make a significant impact.” Pres./CEO Mike Curry.