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PARTNERING to Qualify, Pursue, and Win.

PARATUSEC fundamentally believes in partnering to achieve success in the federal market it serves, simply because we think it takes “Everyone in the boat to Win.” In many, if not most situations, the complex requirement of the customer makes it impossible for a single entity to achieve excellent outcomes across every deliverable. 

We are helping our customers achieve outstanding outcomes and meet their changing needs and evolving requirements. Therefore, we are continuously looking for best-in-class companies to team with who can increase our business capacity, bring innovation, and best practices to our engagements, and match the complex requirements of our customers. 

We are committed to working with large and small businesses to pursue, qualify, and Win! 
Moreover, we are intentionally part of a larger ecosystem continually evolving and adapting to support our customers. Meeting our customer’s needs means engaging with traditional and non-traditional industry partners to identify and apply the best of breed technologies, talent, and processes to the challenges our customers face at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality.

Our success is derived from providing quality services that satisfy our customers and adhere to the provisions within contractual documentation. Therefore, we want to work with companies that:

If you believe it takes everyone in the boat to win, please complete the online form to enter your business into our database. If you have a specific opportunity you would like to discuss, immediately reach out to the VP of Business Development: or 703-870-3236 ext. 101.

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