Everyone in the boat rows to win.

Teaming with Us

PARATUSEC is in the business of helping our customers meet their changing needs and requirements. Therefore, we are continuously looking for best-in-class companies to team with who can increase our business capacity, bring innovation, and best practices to our engagements, and match the needs of our customers. We believe it takes everyone in the boat to win!


We are committed to working with large and small businesses to pursue, qualify, and win! Teaming with other companies is one of our fundamental business principles and what enables us to offer our customers the best value and service we can deliver. 


Large or small businesses needing a qualified small business to fill a niche requirement need to look no further. We have a 14-year proven record as a partner on essential government programs.


We are intentionally part of a larger ecosystem continually evolving and adapting to support our customers. Meeting our customer’s transformational and evolving needs means engaging with traditional and non-traditional industry partners to identify and apply the best of breed technologies, talent, and processes to the challenges our customers face at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing the quality of execution.


“Teaming with best-in-class companies to build capacity and better value for our customers is paramount” Mike Curry.

We are very interested in meeting with business organizations that serve our industry. Please explore our website to learn more about the range and type of services we offer. Please consider how our combined capabilities can be joined together to pursue, qualify, and win business together.


PARATUSEC is interested in working with industry, non-profits, and academic institutions to enable us to bring together the best talent and resources to match the needs of customers. Take the first step below if interested in becoming a partner on a project. 


We help organizations design, develop, integrate, sustain, and improve programs, technology, and specialized equipment.

General Inquiries

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