Digital Transformation Skills Program

Provides opportunities to build technical skills in emerging technology areas, leveraging new and emerging digital technology software and using those skills and tools to improve business outcomes.


Types of work you can expect to perform:

Create and deliver digital technology solutions for business needs.

Develop proof of concepts for using varied emerging digital technologies, such as intelligent automation tools, robotic process automation, and machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Apply fundamental programming skills to design and build unique applications to drive and accelerate business impact.

Basic Requirements:

Pursuit of Associates or bachelor’s in any major

Experience with programming languages (Python, Java, C++) and a solid foundation in linear regression, statistics, math is a definite plus for success.

You will also receive exposure to opportunities with the application development, metaverse, game development, simulations related projects using software tools and applications such as Unity and Roblox.

Must have a strong interest in learning and exploring new emerging technologies and business applications.

The ability to demonstrate a strong work ethic, solid technical aptitude, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail is essential.